martedì 30 marzo 2010

Goals setting

Oggi non mi va di scrivere in Italiano. Parlarlo e' semplice ma per scrivere quando sono stanca e' piu' semplice usare l'inglese.

Writing on this blog regurarly is one of the goals I would like to achieve this year.
It is a small project but it can take up a lot of time if you aim to post something everyday. That would not fit me. I want to post whenever I have something to say or record but I do not want just to fill up posts which are not coming from the heart.

On the other end I do not want to leave too much time between a post and another, since I want evidence of my feelings and events in order to remember this year fully, therefore I think that a good compromise is to aim in writing at least once a week.

I do not like pictures therefore posting thoughts, emotions and my crafting projects is like taking a picture of my life rather than of myself.

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  1. L'importante è che questo spazio sia il posto dove riesci ad essere te stessa. Buonissima Pasqua mia cara.